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Large Format Printing


Prints are made by Epson large format printers geared
towards photographers and artists with uncompromising
quality and detail.  Prices include file preparation and  
resizing.  Delivery is included (taxes are extra).


Enhanced Matte: $10 per square foot
Glossy: $12 per square foot
Sommerset Cotton: $15 per square foot
Canvas: $16 per square foot

The prices quoted are by square foot (144 square inches).
To calculate the print price, multiply your desired image size 
then divide by 144 and then multiply by the quoted price.

Example: If you want a 16" by 24" print on Enhanced Matte,
16 x 24 is 384.  Now divide 384 by 144 which gives you
2.7 (rounded up). Now multiply 2.7 by 10 and round up
to the next dollar amount which is $27.  With taxes
(pst & gst) it will be $31.05.


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