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For Consumers
Slide Show DVD:
bulletCapture your memories forever on a DVD whether it be a wedding, vacation, special event or a chronicle of someone's life.
bulletPresented in a wonderful slide show with music, special effect, fancy transitions, zooms and pans and captions. Truly touching to watch.
bulletYou can access your photos from the disc for your own printing or emailing. Comes in a slim jewel case with an insert cover and a printed disc.
bullet Includes 2 DVDs with a max of   50 digital photos: $150
bulletAddtional images: $2/image
bulletScanning: $2/picture
bulletAddtional DVD: $15/DVD


Customized Greeting Cards:
bulletInsert photos to greeting cards for all occasion.
bulletPlease email to see samples of the occasion that you want.
bulletWith digital photos that you provide: $5/card with a min order of 5.
bulletScanning service $2/photo
bulletPhotography service $50 per session (max. 2 hrs) done at your home.


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